Video Essays Via YouTube

How to use Video Essays as a class project

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Video Essays Via YouTube by Mind Map: Video Essays Via YouTube

1. Examples

1.1. Why Do We Love Spongebob? | Video Essay

1.2. Wall-e : How to Tell a Story Visually - Pixar Video Essay

1.3. R.J. Palacio's Wonder: Themes, Motifs and Symbols - Annotation Guide

1.3.1. An abbreviated guide to some of the things I would want students to be discussing in their own videos about a book

2. Mission

2.1. To give students ideas on how to make their own

2.2. Show them what a video essay is

2.3. Encourage students to think about how they can use technology to enhance their essays/presentations

3. How to Tips

3.1. iMovie Basics: Video editing tutorial for beginners

3.2. Tutorial: How to Use Powtoon FREE (updated)