What does Inquiry in SS look like?

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What does Inquiry in SS look like? by Mind Map: What does Inquiry in SS look like?

1. rigour - being in the company of a passionate adult who takes students along as peers in the pursuit of inquiry in the area of a subject

2. work that is worth doing and has lasting value

3. involves an "apprenticeship model" of the teacher passionately being involved in something and bringing the students along

4. kids learn to behave, act and think in the manner of a certain discipline

5. includes multiple perspectives

6. includes being globally minded

7. includes metacognitive thinking

8. the students work is rooted in authentic tasks

9. students use academic rigour - working in ways reflecting disciplines outside of the school

10. moves beyond just activities

11. is about a driving question

12. finding ways to connect to deeper and bigger issues

13. giving something back to the community

14. developing critical, historical and through line thinking

15. allowing and encouraging students to have a voice (in school and community)

16. involves helping students to become active, empowered and engaged on their own