Abby, Terry, and Mimi's Comic


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Abby, Terry, and Mimi's Comic by Mind Map: Abby, Terry, and Mimi's Comic

1. Setting

1.1. Goes back 3000 years ago. On another unamed planet.

2. Key Points

2.1. Community

2.1.1. There are 6 tribes

2.1.2. A group of supernatural beasts that carry god-unbound powers, which is led by one powerful beast.

2.1.3. The majority of the species are humans and contain elves, goblins and other fantasy creatures.

2.2. Conflict

2.2.1. The supernatural beasts do not wish to be under-rule of the one powerful beast.

2.2.2. Reason : They feel as though that leader doesn't seem as powerful as their title claims they to be?

2.3. Reslove

2.3.1. They beasts fight their leader, ending in a acpolocalsitic battle that interwines with dimensions. They "killed them" but seceretly the leader's essence as its so powerful still exists.

2.4. Affects

2.4.1. The essence carries to earth when the main character is asleep in a dream.

3. Throughout the story until the climax he will have visions.

4. Script

4.1. Scenes

4.1.1. Prologue

4.1.2. Beginning Scene 1 Setting Key Points Scene 2 Setting Key Points Key points Setting Scene 3 Settuing Key Points

4.1.3. Climax Scene 1 Setting Key Points

4.1.4. Resolve Scene 1 Setting: Keypoints

4.1.5. Ending Scene 1 Setting Keypoints

5. Character implementation: Terry's job

5.1. Introduction

5.1.1. The Prologue The 6 powerful beasts, the 7th is the power-fullest.

5.1.2. Beginning Main Character The Strong Woman The elf

5.1.3. Climax Assassins Goblins The cute 3 headed hydra The Villages and their leaders

5.1.4. Reslove Master

5.1.5. Ending

6. Setting [Terry's Job]

6.1. Prologue

6.1.1. Planet

6.2. Beginning

6.2.1. Earth; School and house

6.2.2. Planet; Elf Village, cave?

6.3. Climax

6.3.1. Planet; 6 villages

6.4. Resolve

6.5. Ending

7. Previous ideas [Process and decipher]