This Will Help You Decide If the Nomadic Lifestyle Is Your Best Way To Live

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This Will Help You Decide If the Nomadic Lifestyle Is Your Best Way To Live by Mind Map: This Will Help You Decide If the Nomadic Lifestyle Is Your Best Way To Live

1. Sacrifices you need to make

1.1. You Will Lose Friends

1.1.1. You will create a lot of new memories abroad that you won’t share with your old friends.

1.1.2. Some friends are open to that, but others will not understand what you’re going through.

1.1.3. Your friends back home will have moved on. They will get married and have kids. You’ll miss a lot of these moments.

1.2. You Will Miss People Back Home

1.2.1. You’ll think about the things you’ll miss by not being back home.

1.2.2. You’ll think about the little things you enjoyed about the people you liked.

1.2.3. You will wish that sometimes, it would be nice to just warp back home for a day or two.

1.3. Working By The Beach Sucks

1.3.1. It’s uncomfortable, it’s sandy, you don’t see anything on your screen, you are sweaty, etc.

1.4. You Won’t Have Time To Establish A Productive Routine

1.4.1. A lot of nomads move around too much. The reality is that it’s just too fast.

1.4.2. Staying in a place for longer is far superior work-wise than staying only a few days at a time.

2. But it’s not all bad.

2.1. You Will Make Stronger Connections

2.1.1. The people you will meet on the road will have a similar mindset to you.

2.1.2. In a short amount of time, you’ll make more friends than you ever did back home.

2.1.3. And these friends understand what you’re going through.

2.1.4. And for the friends you had back home, those who choose to stick with you will become stronger friends than ever before.

2.2. You Will Not Miss People Back Home That Much

2.2.1. When you leave for a long time and come back, people are happy to see you, but it ends there.

2.2.2. They rarely are genuinely interested in what you did.

2.2.3. And every time you go back, you’ll notice that you’ll miss these people less and less.

2.3. Going To The Beach Rocks

2.3.1. You get a lot of creative bursts just taking a short break and going to to the beach to enjoy the sun, the waves, the vibe.

2.3.2. Relaxing by the beach is a great way to meditate and clear your mind.

2.4. You Can Establish Productive Routines

2.4.1. Working from co-working spaces and being around like-minded people helps you improve your productivity.