Cannabinoid system

Rudimentary cannabinoid system mind map

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Cannabinoid system by Mind Map: Cannabinoid system

1. Endogenous CB system

1.1. Receptors

1.2. Endogenous cannabiniods

1.2.1. Ligand 1: Anandamide Hydrolyzed by FAAH

1.2.2. Ligand 2: 2-arachidonylglycerol

1.3. Enzymes

1.4. TRPs??

2. Exogenous cannabinoids

2.1. THC

2.1.1. Synthetic, hydrophilic analogue of THC: [3H]CP-55,940

2.1.2. Synthetic cannabinoid: HU-210 800x more potent than THC

2.2. CBD

3. Ways to detect ECS

3.1. Ligand assay

3.2. Behaviour assay

3.3. Genetic profiling

4. Cannabinoid signalling system

4.1. G protein coupled receptors

4.1.1. CB1 - in Brain cells Antagonist "a substance which interferes with or inhibits the physiological action of another" CB1 antagonist: SR141716A

4.1.2. CB2 - in Immune cells CB2 antagonist: SR144528