3 Alternatives to 10x Your Productivity Almost Instantly

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3 Alternatives to 10x Your Productivity Almost Instantly by Mind Map: 3 Alternatives to 10x Your Productivity Almost Instantly

1. What Does Being Accountable Mean?

1.1. In its simplest form, it means you owe “something” to “someone”.

1.2. The most powerful “something” are:

1.2.1. Money

1.2.2. Results

1.3. The most powerful “someone” are:

1.3.1. People you love

1.3.2. People you care about

1.4. A powerful method to push you to action is what’s called the SUNK COST.

1.4.1. An easy example is a gym membership. If you have a gym in your house or building, how frequently do you actually use it? Now, if you spent money on your gym membership, are you going more frequently? Very likely, right?

1.4.2. Once you're invested in something, you have to keep doing it, or you would have wasted precious money and time

1.5. Once what you do becomes a habit you enjoy, it becomes harder not to do, than to do

2. 3 Ways to Become Accountable

2.1. Involve a Friend in Your Weekly Planning and Reflection

2.1.1. This is probably the cheapest and easiest option but is the least effective

2.1.2. Every week, you meet and exchange on: Your goals for the week What was — and was not — accomplished towards these goals How you can do better next week What your goals are for the next week How you will accomplish these goals

2.2. Make Your Goals and Progress Public

2.2.1. By having everything public, you won't want to look like a fool that’s all talk and no game. You have to show results.

2.3. Join an Accountability Program

2.3.1. An accountability program is a system that puts incentives for you to do things.

2.3.2. If you’re driven by gratification, the gamification approach may work for you. Some programs give you rewards in the form of digital currencies or goods, discount coupons, or more. You receive them when you accomplish a goal you set for yourself.

2.3.3. If you’re driven by fear of losing something, the punishment method may work for you. Some programs implement it by having you set a goal and putting a “bet” that you’ll accomplish your goal in time. If you don’t, the money is taken from your account and put somewhere else. Basically, it costs you money to not accomplish your goal.

2.3.4. If you’re driven by social recognition, the community method may work for you. It’s a paid membership to a group where people report weekly goals and activities for every member to see.

2.3.5. The coaching approach is paid and more importantly, gives the person expert feedback, tips and truly pushes the person.