11 Phrases That People Love to Hear

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11 Phrases That People Love to Hear by Mind Map: 11 Phrases That People Love to Hear

1. 1. “I was thinking about you.”

1.1. If you are thinking about someone — let them know.

1.2. Every day we think about other people and telling them when we are can only strengthen a relationship.

2. 2. “You look good.”

2.1. “You look good” means happy, fit, relaxed.

2.2. “It’s been a while. You look good.” You can even pair it with the one above — “I’ve been thinking about you. You look good.”

2.3. Women give each other compliments all the time. It’s OK for guys to do the same.

3. 3. “What do you think?”

3.1. Most people love to share their experiences. They love to talk about their lessons learned.

3.2. They love to know that their voice is respected and people appreciate their perspective.

3.3. When speaking to someone about a topic that is clearly important to them, ask them to share their thoughts.

3.4. It’s a guaranteed way of making people think highly of you.

3.5. Plus, friendships rarely fizzle out if you are making an effort to learn about the other person’s thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

4. 4. “I love the way you see the world.”

4.1. These phrases send people flying.

4.2. The next time someone tells you something interesting fire back by telling them how interesting they are.

5. 5. “The last time we spoke you told me X.”

5.1. The smaller the detail the better.

5.2. The greatest compliment you can give to someone is to show them that you are listening to them.

6. 6. “I followed your advice.”

6.1. People love it when people listen to them.

6.2. But they really love it when they are told that they have been helpful and their words have made a positive effect.

7. 7. “I miss you.”

7.1. Reach out to an old friend today and ask them how they are and say that you miss them.

7.2. Tell them that you’ve been thinking about them and bring up an occasion that will make them smile.

7.3. It takes a second, but it can help to make a friendship last a lifetime.

8. 8. “I really admire X about you.”

8.1. Every single person in the world has admirable qualities.

8.2. Be on the lookout for them and let them know how much you respect them

8.3. Get specific and spot small details or notice how they have improved in an area that you know is important to them

9. 9. “I love your energy.”

9.1. This may sound a bit cheesy.

9.2. Allowing yourself to be cheesy from time to time is one of the best things you can do for your relationships.

10. 10. “I saw this and it reminded me of you.”

10.1. If you heard a song that reminds you of summer 09’ — send it to the friend you used to listen to it with.

10.2. If you watched a movie and it reminded you of someone — let them know.

10.3. If you see a funny pair of $5 socks that you know a friend will love — buy them.

10.4. Women love unexpected gifts at unexpected times. Males do also.

11. 11. “Thank you for being a good person.”

11.1. Be nice to everyone regardless of race, age, sex or religion.

11.2. Most people are good. Say that more often and we wouldn’t do so many bad things to each other.