article scientific(vaccines)

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article scientific(vaccines) by Mind Map: article scientific(vaccines)

1. We have all heard of vaccines

2. Pasteur introduced the terms of vaccination and vaccination

3. vaccines serve to save from infectious diseases

4. Vaccination is one of humanity's most important medical advances

5. we are fortunate to have this tool to avoid

6. Vaccines are useful and save lives.

7. They protect against diseases such as sarampión, paperas, rubéola, hepatitis B, polio, tétanos and others

8. The first vaccine in history was discovered by the English rural doctor Edgard Jenner in 1796

9. the first vaccine was against viruela

10. In 1796

11. the English doctor Edward Jenner carried out the first vaccination in history

12. Immunizations or vaccines are essential

13. the vaccine triggers a response from the immune system and immunity

14. Vaccines help our body prepare for a disease

15. yes not are applied vaccines the children they can get sick seriously

16. there is vaccines mandatory