4 Pieces of Entrepreneurship Advice to My 23-Year-Old Self

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4 Pieces of Entrepreneurship Advice to My 23-Year-Old Self by Mind Map: 4 Pieces of Entrepreneurship Advice to My 23-Year-Old Self

1. You’re late. Start now.

1.1. Start anywhere rather than continuing to let the river of life carry you wherever it pleases.

1.2. Don’t wait. The timing will never be perfect. No single gig will have all the answers.

1.3. The only way to reach the top of the mountain is to point at it as exactly as you can — and then start walking.

1.4. You’ll take many detours, but at least you’ll finally be on your way.

2. If you don’t focus, you will never be successful.

2.1. Maybe, you’ll need a year to dabble in all kinds of jobs, to understand the basics of entrepreneurship, and to separate what you want from what you only thought you wanted

2.1.1. Maybe, you’ll need three.

2.2. But once you know, focus on the thing that you love.

2.2.1. The thing that you’re good at.

2.2.2. The thing that pays, that never gets boring, and that can transform your hiking boots into a rocket ship.

2.3. If you don’t commit to it, you’ll never find out

2.3.1. And you’ll never get the feeling that drove you to begin this journey in the first place.

3. If you don’t diversify, you will never feel safe.

3.1. Spread the risk — but not too much to lose out on outsized rewards.

3.2. Once your first project works, switch into maintenance mode.

3.3. Having more than one source of income will let you sleep a lot easier every night.

3.4. Make sure you don’t stress about money so you can go all-in on what matters.

4. True success is when you stop playing the game.

4.1. When you find something for which you love the result, and also love the process, stick with it

4.1.1. It’ll never get old. It’s what you’re made for. It’s what you were born to do. So keep doing it!

4.1.2. This is where your true purpose lies.

4.2. Once you can easily cover your rent, the occasional treat and vacation, and don’t have to look at grocery prices, success is not more.

4.3. Success is getting better at what matters to you. It’s commitment to your craft, your mission, and to making an impact.

4.4. Remember that every day. Slap yourself on the wrist and say: “No! Not another idea! Stop it!”

4.4.1. This is as challenging as it is to get up and running in the first place.

4.4.2. The challenge will never disappear, but completing it every day will make for a satisfying, meaningful career.