Topic Ideas

Brainstorming Topics for EO

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Topic Ideas by Mind Map: Topic Ideas

1. How to "listen" to your body

2. Changed Industries Midlife

2.1. How changing industries has reshaped (ELEVATED) your life

2.2. Challenges of Changing Industries

3. Army

3.1. Iraq Food Challenges

3.1.1. Funny

3.1.2. Gross

3.1.3. Bonding

3.2. Army Values

3.2.1. What They Are

3.2.2. Why it's important to define YOUR values Lacey, Rene, and Megan// Group Video

3.3. Air Traffic Controller Skills

3.3.1. How my career as an ATC prepared me for becoming an entrepreneur

3.3.2. Skills that directly translate

3.4. General Skills

3.4.1. Skills that directly translate Rucking in the Army vs Rucking Beamer

3.4.2. Teamwork/Leadership Lacey and Megan working together in Iraq and how to dynamics translate to now

4. Entrepreneur

5. Woman POV

5.1. Working in Male Dominated Industries

5.1.1. How your "crew" influences you Iraq workout crew Why its important to build your tribe What is trust and how to build it

5.2. Life Outlooks

5.2.1. What is Grit? Women Veterans Women Entrepreneurs

5.2.2. How food effects your mood

5.2.3. What it means to ELEVATE your life Food People Attitude Personal Growth Wellness

6. Making Elevated Oats