Day # 1 Memory

Welcome to the Day 1 of the 9 Day Mind management Challenge. Memory is THE MOST IMPORTANT ASSET you own. Are you really taking care of it? Today, go through the video and do the 4 simple things discussed in the challenge section to take your mind power to the next level. You can view the explanation of this mindmap in the video at: will continue the journey for the next 8 days. I will share a powerful strategy, tool or a concept every day. I have just launched ...

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Day # 1 Memory by Mind Map: Day # 1 Memory

1. Understanding

1.1. Accept

1.1.1. Try to Forget

1.1.2. Pour out on A4

1.2. Appreciate

1.2.1. What you remember

1.2.2. Small wins

2. Stealers

2.1. Disbelif

2.1.1. Evidences

2.2. Disinterest

2.3. Disuse

3. Challenge

3.1. Evidence

3.2. Acknowledge

3.3. Affirm

3.4. Share / Teach

4. Drivers

4.1. Necessity

4.2. Interest