Think And Grow Rich Summary

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Think And Grow Rich Summary by Mind Map: Think And Grow Rich Summary

1. 1-Sentence-Summary:

1.1. Think And Grow Rich is a curation of the 13 most common habits of wealthy and successful people, distilled from studying over 500 individuals over the course of 20 years.

2. Favorite quote from the author:

2.1. "The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire bring weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat." - Napoleon Hill

3. 3 lessons:

3.1. Use autosuggestion to build an unshakable belief in yourself.

3.1.1. Autosuggestion is a psychological technique developed in the early 20th century.

3.1.2. Basically, it makes use of the Placebo effect by turning your goals into self-fulfilling prophecies through imprinting them in your subconscious.

3.1.3. A key trait of all successful people is this absolutely incredible, unshakable belief that they have about themselves and their goals.

3.1.4. It’s not a result, more a necessary prerequisite, to become successful.

3.1.5. By telling yourself over and over and over again, that it is possible for you to achieve your goals, that you can make your dreams a reality, and that you have to go your own way and can’t let anyone interfere with it, you form these beliefs in your subconscious.

3.1.6. This builds not only the confidence you need to follow through on your actions, but also lets your goals seep into the unconscious part of your brain, until you automatically align all of your actions in a way that leads you towards your goals.

3.2. Be stubborn and always stick to your decisions.

3.2.1. Maybe you could use it to become a little hardheaded. In fact, you should.

3.2.2. Hill quotes lack of determination as the most common reason for long-term failure.

3.2.3. Make snap decisions, and then stick to them.

3.2.4. Opinions are cheap. Everyone has one, and most people dispense them like they’re paper towels, only cluttering your mind with negative influences.

3.2.5. So be careful who you share your goals with, make it a set of trusted advisors, close friends and allies only

3.3. Join a Mastermind group to accelerate your learning.

3.3.1. Napoleon Hill invented the Mastermind group as we know it today.

3.3.2. Here’s how Hill defined a Mastermind group originally: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

3.3.3. Groups can be of any size, the only rule being that each session must follow a specific agenda

3.3.4. The main benefit is that by combining the brain power of two or more people to solve problems, the result is more than the sum of its parts.

3.3.5. There is a surplus from sharing experiences, ideas and skills that could never be achieved if each person worked on their stuff alone, and that’s why Masterminds are so powerful.

3.3.6. Simply use Google Hangouts to run your sessions and then create a protocol for each meeting that you share with all members.

4. What else can you learn from the blinks?

4.1. How you can find out if you have what it takes by comparing yourself to Edison

4.2. The only two steps you need to get going and how to make sure you follow them every day with a ritual

4.3. Why faith is a prerequisite for success

4.4. What you should do with your definition of knowledge

4.5. The two different types of imagination

4.6. How to become self-aware

4.7. What you should feed your subconscious

4.8. Four rules for persistence

5. Who would I recommend the Think And Grow Rich summary to?

5.1. The 16 year old, who doesn’t get a lot of positive affirmation at home and wants to develop confidence herself, the 47 year old entrepreneur, who runs a successful business, but can’t find himself sticking to decisions, and anyone who’s never been part of a Mastermind session.