Etats-Unis - Ecosystème des organismes du cinéma, de la musique et de l'Internet

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Etats-Unis - Ecosystème des organismes du cinéma, de la musique et de l'Internet by Mind Map: Etats-Unis - Ecosystème des organismes du cinéma, de la musique et de l'Internet

1. Internet

1.1. Lobbys et associations

1.1.1. CCIA - Computer and Communications Industry Association

1.1.2. CEA - Consumer Electronics Association

1.1.3. NetCoalition

1.1.4. Center for Democracy and Technology

1.1.5. US Internet Service Providers Association (US ISPA)

1.1.6. ISOC (Internet Society)

1.2. Institutions

1.2.1. ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

1.2.2. ARIN - American Registry for Internet Numbers

1.2.3. RIPE - RIPE Network Coordination Centre

1.2.4. ASO - The Adress Supporting Organization

1.2.5. Nouveau sujet

2. Musique

2.1. Majors

2.1.1. Universal Music Group

2.1.2. Sony Music Entertainment

2.1.3. Warner Music Group

2.2. Institutions

2.2.1. GISC - Guild of International Songwriters and Composers

2.2.2. WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organisation

2.2.3. IFPI - International Federation of the Phonographic Industry

2.2.4. RIAA - Recording Industry Association of America

2.2.5. CISAC - International Confederation of Societies of Authors & Composers

3. Cinéma et télévision

3.1. Majors

3.1.1. The Walt Disney Company

3.1.2. Columbia TriStar

3.1.3. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

3.1.4. Paramount Pictures

3.1.5. 20th Century Fox

3.1.6. Universal

3.1.7. Warner Bros

3.1.8. Sony Pictures

3.2. Institutions

3.2.1. AFI - American Film Institute

3.2.2. NFPF - National Film Preservation Foundation

3.2.3. ACF - American Cinema Foundation

3.2.4. SCS - Society for Cinema Studies

3.3. Lobby et associations

3.3.1. MPAA - Motion Picture association of America

3.3.2. Writers Guild of America

3.3.3. Directors Guild of America

4. Politique

4.1. Gouvernement

4.1.1. Intellectuel Property Enforcement coordinator

4.1.2. Office of Educational Technology

4.1.3. Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs

4.1.4. Executive Office of the President (EOP) Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) Chief Technology Officer of the United States Howard SCHMIDT Michael DANIEL

4.1.5. Department of Commerce US Patent and Trademark Office Office of the Administrator for Policy and External Affairs : Domestic IP Enforcement National Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Coordination Council

4.1.6. US Copyright Office

4.1.7. US Department of Justice

4.1.8. US Customs Service

4.2. Parlement

4.2.1. Sénat United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary Subcommitee > Privacy, technology and the law > président: Al Franken Orrin HATCH (Sénateur républicain de l'Utah) US Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation Senate Subcommittee on the Communications, Technology and the Internet Groupes politiques Démocrates Républicains

4.2.2. Chambre des Représentants Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on IP, competition and the Internet Energy and Commerce Comittee House of Representative Subcommittee on Communications and Technology Groupes politiques Démocrates Républicains Education Committee Committee on Science, Space and Technology Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation Rep. Zoe LOFGREN Rep. Darrell ISSA

4.2.3. Principaux acteurs de SOPA/PIPA Co-porteurs du projet à la Chambre des Représentants Co-porteurs au Sénat Anciens soutiens devenus opposants

5. Général

5.1. Center for Copyright Information

5.2. Creative America

6. Jeux vidéos

6.1. Concepteurs

6.1.1. Blizzard Entertainment

6.1.2. Ubisoft

6.1.3. Electronic Arts

6.1.4. Sony Computer Entertainment

6.1.5. Nintendo

6.1.6. Activision

6.1.7. ZeniMax Media

6.1.8. THQ

6.2. Associations

6.2.1. International Game Developers Association

6.2.2. The Entertainment Software Association