"Pattern of Heaven"

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"Pattern of Heaven" by Mind Map: "Pattern of Heaven"

1. Confucianism also focuses on the five relationshps two of which are, father/son and husband/wife

2. The Han Chinese were part of China's earliest civilizations from (206 B.C. -220 A.D.)

3. Part of the Han civilization involved Confucianism and Patrilineal kinship

4. Confucianism was founded in the 6th Century B.C.

4.1. Mainly directed towards men

5. One of Confucianisms main virtues is filial piety

5.1. Confucianism emphasizes respect for both mother and father but creates double standards for men

6. During the Han Dynasty children took on their father's name and their status in society

7. Women were seen as mothers and wives but were not given their own indiduality

8. Surnames for the fathers side of the family were all very distinct from the great grandfather down to uncles but for the mothers side surnames were usually not distinct at all

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9. Women during the Han dynasty were not given very much importance. They were seen as inferior to men

10. One of the most important events for a woman was to get married in which she was also treated as inferior

11. From 1950 on women have gained more respect but are still considered inferior to men

12. Male children are still preferred over female children especially with the introduction of the one child policy

13. Out of 56 ethnic groups in China the book focuses on The Dai, The Mosuo and The Lahu

13.1. The Dai give more importance to women and partially follow matrilineal lines

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13.2. The Lahu have gender equality

13.3. The Mosuo are also matrilineal

13.4. These three ethnic groups are the opposite of the Han Dynasty Tradition

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