Decrease equipment downtime by 10% during maintenance

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Decrease equipment downtime by 10% during maintenance by Mind Map: Decrease equipment downtime by 10% during maintenance

1. Produce high-quality maintenance documentation

1.1. Include Detailed Book Outline with all removal and replacement procedures

1.2. List required tools needed to perform each R&R procedure

1.3. Simplify each step in a procedure (one action per step)

1.4. Include a figure for each step or one figure for a group of steps (figure must have applicable callouts)

2. Higher-quality hands-on training

2.1. Talk with SMEs to determine frequent repairable equipment

2.1.1. Create a Detailed Book Outline (DBO) of only equipment that is most often repaired

2.2. Use a blended-learning approach to training

2.2.1. eLearning modules Level 1: Material that informs, rather than teach - Introductions - Safety Level 2: Material that teaches - Equipment Description - Functional Specification - Theory of Operations

2.2.2. Instructor Led Training (ILT) In class instruction (lecture) Level 3: Material that instructs learners to perform a certain task - Preventive Maintenance - Removal and Replacement - Electrical Maintenance - Troubleshooting Hands-on training (at equipment) Demonstration Performance Evaluation

2.3. Limit class sizes

2.4. Deliver pre-test to determine any equipment that does not need additional training

2.5. Deliver post-test to evaluate learners and determine if training was successful