Preterm birth

Premature births: populations at risk

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Preterm birth by Mind Map: Preterm birth

1. Premature births have been found to hav some correlation to mothers education levels specifically education regarding prenatal care.

2. Preterm Birth Data

2.1. In 2019 1 in 10 babies born were preterm.

2.2. Compared to single births multiple birth babies are 7 times more likely to be preterm

2.3. Preterm births are the cause of about 25% of neonatal deaths

3. Why is it a problem?

3.1. Premature babies are more likely to have chronic illnesses that can require frequent hospital stays

4. Target Population

4.1. Black women are more likely to experience premature births than other races for unknown reasons but they can happen to anyone.

4.2. Mothers who are 17 and younger or 35 and older are more likely to have premature births.

4.3. The highest rates of premature birth rates in the United States have been found to be in the South and Lower Midwest regions, likely due to poor access to care.