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OPC_class_7 by Mind Map: OPC_class_7

1. students

1.1. presentation of the class 07 (April, 30), given on May, 07

1.2. Mariam Hayryan

1.3. Marucci Daniele

1.4. Njomeza Alaj

2. PULL Technologies

3. PUSH Technologies

3.1. RSS

3.2. Mailing List/E-Newsletters

3.2.1. Advantages Push (Deciding when to send, generating traffic to the website Ideas about readership (General information about the subscribers) Inexpensive (No stamps, no envelops) Trackability (Address validity, Overquota of non-used addresses, Number of read messages) Management (specialized software vs manual management)

3.2.2. Quality Opt in Every e-mail address in a mailing list is provided by the owner Opt out Each message (information about unsubscribing options in each message) Easy (unsubscribing should be easy) Effective (a last message / stop lists)

3.2.3. Quantity Don't bore the user Don't keep long silence, keep them feel "belonging to the family"

4. Facebook ads vs Google ads

4.1. Facebook: not only keywords, but also images

4.2. Facebook: selecting the user by age, sex, education, workplace, relationships, interests, language

4.3. Facebook: estimated number of the specified users

4.4. Facebook: targeting country, city Google: location more specified