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TKAM by Mind Map: TKAM

1. the trial

2. Atticus killing the crazed dog

3. Boo Radley and how he always tried to show the kids who he really was but his brother was keeping him away from that

3.1. so Boo tried to show that he cared for the kids in the ways that he could, like the blanket around Scout, the gifts in the knot hole of the tree

3.1.1. Jem figures out what Boo is doing and who he really is before Scout realizes it

4. Bob Ewell and how he really beat Mayella

5. how Atticus gave all the kids advice about not to kill mockingbirds and how to stand in someone else's shoes before judging them

6. Mayella knows that Tom Robinson didn't take advantage of her because thats why she breaks down in court

7. Dill Jem and Scout and all of their adventures that

8. when Jem broke his arm because of football

9. when the kids get guns fro Christmas but Atticus warns them about killing mocking birds

10. Cecil Jacobs scaring the kids on Halloween