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DIET by Mind Map: DIET

1. Hunger

1.1. Generally I get hungry with a high carb diet and tend to "overeat" causing weight gain and food cravings which are distracting.

2. Health

2.1. nutrition

2.1.1. I currently believe that animal protein is part of a healthy diet

2.1.2. some supplementation necessary

2.2. well being

2.2.1. I don't believe I have a huge need for protein: 10-15% of calories is sufficient.

2.2.2. the health of the diet should be evident in annual checkups, energy levels and ability to be active without injury.

3. Ethics

3.1. Cruelty Free

3.1.1. free range, grass fed, happy animal produce

3.2. Sustainable

3.2.1. minimal carbon footprint

3.2.2. minimal processing

3.2.3. support sustainable operators

4. Cost

4.1. cost should be minimised where possible while optimising other factors

5. Social

5.1. Much socialising done over food. Choices should not require me to be a hermit. Some flexibility required.