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Infertility(2) by Mind Map: Infertility(2)

1. Chapter 3

1.1. The Oasis Dwellers

1.1.1. Mabruska has no complete understanding of her infertility and glossed her problem as "weak ovaries

1.1.2. Mabruska and her husband Ragab have misinformation on IVF

1.1.3. Ragab is embarrass of Mabruska and really wants a baby

1.2. Problem of knowledge

1.2.1. poorly educated have uncertain understandings of reproductive biology

1.2.2. People tend to listen to local public opinions, which leads to many theories and cunfusion

1.2.3. In Egypt Procreative knowledge has class constraints(poorer you are, less you know)

1.2.4. Male infertility is rarely accepted as the cause of any case in Egypt

1.3. Morality and scientific literacy

1.3.1. Egyptians wonder what happens to procreative substances when they are outside the body

1.3.2. Fear of mixing procreative substances

1.3.3. public views of IVF is that it is bad or immoral

1.3.4. The more knowledge has increased the acceptance of IVF, but ICSI was perceived as new treatment for male infertility

1.3.5. Media plays a huge role in understanding productive technologies, as so does knowledge acquired from reading books/printed materials, and knowledge acquired from doctors themselves

2. Chapter 2

2.1. The Coptic Merchants

2.1.1. Mikhail and Georgette

2.1.2. First cousins, childless after two years of marriage

2.1.3. Georgette surfers from ovarian/tubal infertility, while Mikhail cant produce sweat and is infertil also

2.1.4. Two trials of IVF and two of ICSI without success

2.1.5. Part of growing Egyptian upperclass

2.2. Lower class

2.2.1. procedures and drugs are absolutely unaffordable

2.2.2. Those who cannot afford these technologies certainly cannot afford children

2.3. Middle Class

2.3.1. Well represented at IVF centers today

2.3.2. highly educated but with low salaries, which they blame the poor salary structure in Egypt

2.3.3. Repeating trials was out of question

2.3.4. Can only afford it because of selling valuables or money earned through labor migration to Arab Gulf States

2.4. Upper Class

2.4.1. Careers mattered alot to them, and they felt that "test tube baby making" was only for the rich

2.4.2. Impressive jobs and able to repeat trials