Central Processing Unit (Computer)

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Central Processing Unit (Computer) by Mind Map: Central Processing Unit (Computer)

1. Output Devices

1.1. Monitor

1.1.1. Necessary to navigate individual computer

1.2. Printer

1.2.1. Allows for copies to study/complete Without individual books/computers, it may be necessary in order to give out assignments, study material, and tests.

1.3. Fax

1.3.1. Ability to receive incoming document/picture Not as necessary in educational platform with internet and email taking precedence

1.4. Speakers

1.4.1. Enhances auditory lerning Brings auditory to visual learning for multiple learners and dual encoding

1.5. Digital Projector

1.5.1. Enhances visual learning Great to bring attention of many to single screen May be added expense to budget

1.6. Headphones

1.6.1. Aids in eliminating background noise and disturbances

2. Input Devices

2.1. Mouse

2.1.1. Needed to navigate O/S and applications/software

2.2. Keyboard

2.2.1. Needed for text input

2.3. Scanner

2.3.1. Ability to import documents/pictures May be added expense in educational scenario

2.4. Digital Camera

2.4.1. Ability to upload pictures to computer Another added expense that may be seen as a luxury

2.5. Microphone

2.5.1. Verbal input May be needed to enhance lesson for auditory learners.