My Foundation of Education

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My Foundation of Education by Mind Map: My Foundation of Education

1. Politics of Education

1.1. Education- the broad view of education, to include all processes in a society that transmit knowledge, skills, values, and educational institutions as all of the places in which these activities occur

1.2. schooling- the more narrow process, as it is concerned with the activities that occur in a school

1.2.1. The purposes of schooling are intellectual, political, social, and economic.

1.3. perspective

1.3.1. I think I am more of a conservative. I do believe though that everyone should be offered the opportunity of a great education. But, you can't make people receive something they don't want. So I believe the people who want it the most will get it. It's that little voice inside saying, ''I think I can, I think I can.'' Pg.23-24

1.4. visions of education

1.4.1. I agree with the traditional vision of education. I believe that with hard work and perseverance anything is possible. I also believe education is a necessity for people to be well educated individuals. pg. 26-27

1.5. educational problems

1.5.1. Educational achievement is closely related to student socioeconomic backgrounds.

1.6. My Thoughts

1.6.1. It's hard for me to say which perspective I have because I agree some with more than one of them. But, I do believe that all of this connects together from the money to the achievement gap, to the politics and the standards.

2. Philosophy of Education

3. Schools as Organizations

4. History of U.S. Education

4.1. reform movement

5. Sociological Perspectives

6. Curriculum and Pedagogy

7. Equality of Opportunity

8. Educational Inequality

9. Educational Reform