Global Bike inc.

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Global Bike inc. by Mind Map: Global Bike inc.

1. It delivers innovative high- performance bicycles to the world’s most demanding riders.

1.1. GBI also sells an accessories product line comprised of helmets, t-shirts and other riding accessories.

2. Managers

2.1. Peter Schwarz

2.1.1. Responsible for research, design, procurement and manufacturing groups

2.2. John Davis

2.2.1. Responsible for sales, marketing, service & support, IT, finance and human resources groups

3. GBI has focusing on innovation, quality, safety and speed to market. GBI has an extensive innovation network to source ideas from riders, dealers and professionals to continuously improve the performance, reliability and quality of its bicycles.

3.1. Given the highly specialized nature of GBI’s bicycles and the personalized needs of riders

4. Total production capacity is roughly 6000 bikes per year, but can be increased by 15%-20% by using overtime hours and part-time work

5. Independent Bicycle Dealers (IBDs)

5.1. These dealers employ staff members who are experts in off-road and tour racing to help consumers choose the right GBI bike and accessories for their individual needs.

6. All ERP functions are centralized with the primary objectives to reduce costs and deliver best- in-class technology to all divisions globally.

7. GBI has established an extensive partner operation to ensure process continuity between GBI and its partners to deliver best-in-class products for its customers.

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