Technology in Teaching English as a Foering Language

Tecnology teaching

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Technology in Teaching English as a Foering Language af Mind Map: Technology in Teaching English as a Foering Language

1. Exploring classroom microblogs to improve writing of middle school students

1.1. Component of school curriculums

1.2. Frames for writing: - Inside writing - Responsive writing -Purposeful writing -Social action writing.

1.3. Short, concise works of writing.

1.4. Formal writing practices in an English class.

2. Mobile learning to improve writing

2.1. Acquisition of knowledge.

2.2. Resource to build, elaborate and explain meanings.

2.3. Help to produce efficient texts.

2.4. Improves English text qualities.

3. A mobil based learning tool to improve writing skills of Efl Learners

3.1. Potential and convenient way as extension to currently existing methods

3.2. Types of grammatical errors: 1. Morphology 2. Syntax 3. Content

3.3. Overall processing: Questions Answers Feedback

4. Improving writing literacies through Digital gaming literacies Facebook Gaming in composition Classroom

4.1. 1. The public nature of writing 2. Social networking through technological mediums. 3. Communicating with others.

4.2. Contemporary technologies provide new ways of mediating and representing the world and of communicating

4.3. Engagement, problem solving, and collaboration