iPad Music App Essentials by MarkMosherMusic.com

A mind map with recommendations to help you get started making making music with iOS and iPad by https://MarkMosherMusic.com

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iPad Music App Essentials by MarkMosherMusic.com af Mind Map: iPad Music App Essentials   by MarkMosherMusic.com

1. Recommended Synths

1.1. SugarBytes

1.1.1. SynthMaster 2 iOS Amazing all-around synth

1.1.2. Moog Animoog

1.1.3. Moog Model D iOS

1.1.4. Waldorf Nave iOS

1.1.5. AudioDamage Continua iOS

1.1.6. Sugarbytes Aparillo FM Synth

2. Looper

2.1. AudioDamage Enso iOS

3. Drum Machine

3.1. Patterning 2

3.1.1. Can export to Ableton .als format!

4. Sampler / Granular

4.1. ios Samplr

4.2. iOS Spacecraft

5. Effects

5.1. Eventide (All their FX are fantastic)

5.1.1. Especially Black Hole Reverb iOS

5.2. SugarBytes

5.2.1. Turnado iOS

6. Sequencer (Would plug into AUM)

6.1. Fuge Machine iOS

7. Other Must-Have Multimedia Apps

7.1. AudioShare iOS

7.2. Video Editing

7.2.1. LumaFusion

7.3. Image Editing

7.3.1. Affinity Photo iOS

7.4. Drawing

7.4.1. Procreate iOS

8. Some of my performance videos featuring iPad

8.1. Jamuary 2020 Videos

8.1.1. Cinematic Piece with Drums

8.1.2. Piano & Frippertronic Looping

8.1.3. iPad at a Local Coffee Shop

8.1.4. Jam

8.2. Sonic Ecnounters Soundscapes made with iPad

8.2.1. Robot Dreams, by Mark Mosher

8.2.2. The Signal Within the Signal, by Mark Mosher

8.2.3. The Mysterious Shortwaves That Haunt Our Airwaves The Mysterious Shortwaves That Haunt Our Airwaves, by Mark Mosher

9. Self-Contained music studio

9.1. Korg Gadget

9.1.1. I started with this but mostly use AUM with plugins these days.

9.1.2. Can export to .als Ableton Live format

10. Rack & Plugin Host

10.1. ios AUM

10.1.1. Clock

10.1.2. Audio Host Instrument FX Routing

10.1.3. MIDI Host Routing Clock Supports Ableton Link

10.1.4. Recorder

11. External MIDI and Audio Interface Setup

11.1. How to connect a USB audio interface to an iPad/iPhone

11.2. Powered USB Hub

11.2.1. Audio Interface

11.2.2. MIDI Controllers

11.3. Camera Kit Adapter so you can connect to USB Hub

11.3.1. iPad Pro Amazon.com: Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter : Electronics

11.3.2. All other iPads iPad Lightening to USB Adapter Camera Kit

12. Tip

12.1. Click images to enlarge

12.2. Click little white arrows to jump to link for the app