30-Day Action Plan to Make $1,000 as a Freelance Writer

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30-Day Action Plan to Make $1,000 as a Freelance Writer af Mind Map: 30-Day Action Plan to Make $1,000 as a Freelance Writer

1. Week 1 — Identify Your Outcome & Prime Your Mind

1.1. Get clear about your freelance writing goal.

1.2. Imagine your life in the next three to six months as if you already hit those goals.

1.3. Once you get clear on the outcome, adopt a short, easy to remember mantra.

1.3.1. For example, it could be something like: I am a wealthy writer My success is inevitable People love to pay me to write Every day my writing gets better and better

2. Week 2 — Build a Brand and Write Samples

2.1. Have something to show clients that you’re a serious writer.

2.2. How

2.2.1. Start a profile and publish on Medium. Show off your published pieces, about me, and contact information.

2.2.2. Building a freelance writing website. Here’s an example of my freelance writing website Here's a YouTube video I did about building your own.

2.2.3. Creating a free account on Upwork and building a profile. Build out a profile on Upwork by filling out your bio, adding a video, etc. 7 Tips to Create a Winning Upwork Profile and Land Clients as a Writer

2.3. Step two is adding samples of your work.

2.4. Choose a niche that is something you love to write about and is in demand.

2.5. Don’t write about a topic that no one is reading — do some research for blogs and websites to validate your idea.

3. Week 3 — Pitch

3.1. A few things can happen once you start reaching out to clients:

3.1.1. You could get the job Hearing a “yes” will bring an entirely new set of challenges. Follow the instructions, communicate with your client, hit your deadlines, and do your best Whatever happens after you submit to your client, learn from your experience — and celebrate your win

3.1.2. You don’t get the job If you don’t get the job, your mind will likely try to keep you safe and probably say things like “See… I told you weren’t good enough.” “What was I thinking… I’m not good enough to get paid to write.” “You should have listened to (insert mom, spouse, etc.) and not wasted your time with this writing thing.” Anytime you step outside your comfort zone, your mind will try to pull you back to safety. Choose to ignore it and focus on your ideal outcome and what you’re trying to create

3.1.3. You hear crickets There could be radio silence from clients. Your mind will likely plant some negative thoughts like: “My pitch must not have been good enough.” “Why would anyone hire me, I don’t have enough experience.” “I can’t believe I was stupid enough to think I could land this gig.” Maybe the gig was already taken when you pitched and they forgot to take the listing down. Or, your email got lost in their inbox. Or, they got busy. Don’t personalize it if you hear nothing. Just keep pitching and know that you will land a job soon. Once you start pitching, stay positive and celebrate your pitches.

4. Week 4 — Follow Up and Pitch More

4.1. To make money as a freelance writer, get your offer in front of more people.

4.2. Also, follow up on the ones from last week.

4.3. Show them that you want the job! This relentlessness will help you stand out among the sea of writers.

5. Things to Avoid

5.1. Creating the perfect website.

5.1.1. Clients don’t care that much

5.2. Building amazing social media profiles.

5.2.1. It’s a huge time suck in the beginning.

5.3. Crafting the perfect pitch.

5.3.1. Don’t overthink your pitch.

5.3.2. Focus on how you can help the client grow their business.

5.3.3. Keep it short and end with a question so they’re more likely to respond.