Sharing with Teachers

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Sharing with Teachers af Mind Map: Sharing with Teachers

1. Robert: Share with the FFA teacher so his/her students know about George Washington as a farmer and an innovator

1.1. Look at how he recycled

1.2. He was the original manure spreading president!

1.3. He was a composter

2. Tom (via Kevin): Get with the science teacher to talk about small pox vaccination a great Cross-curriculum opportunty

3. Rhonda: Partner with drama teacher, already do the crime scene exercise with the Boston Massacre, but with the drama club going to add eye witness accounts.

3.1. Should do news broadcasts from both colonies and british side.

3.2. Could also hire a local actor to come into the classroom.

3.3. Mount Vernon should do a distance interview with George Washington, he could comment on current events or answer questions. or do Billy Lee or the gardner.

4. Lorri: Request a Schoology or curriculum writing team to illustrate inclusion into a lot of topics.

4.1. Do a small presentation at a Professional Development day

5. Eric: I will put in a proposal to MCSS in October, Kansas City.

5.1. Who will join me? We could plan it together

5.2. The title could be: Washington, he's not just for history any more

5.3. MOSHE is another good outlet

5.4. I also want to feature on the MOED chat that happens each week. These are not just history teachers, but it's a great topic

6. Next Year's Missouri Class: host a stream-in reunion meeting timed with a new lecture.

6.1. Host it in Mount Vernon Missouri

6.2. Allow for Questions

6.3. Give 2014 participants a chance to share with new class what they've done in the last year

7. Eric: I will put in a proposal to MCSS in October, Kansas City.