Delivering my Twitter MindMap

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Delivering my Twitter MindMap von Mind Map: Delivering my Twitter MindMap

1. Homework In Math (My Priority)

1.1. National Council of Mathematics

1.1.1. @NCTM This organization addresses what they label a "hot topic" the conundrum of math homework

1.2. Georgia Council for Teachers of Mathematics

1.2.1. @GCTM Standards review process reflected that many parents are frustrated over the inability to help students with math homework.

1.3. Yummy Math

1.3.1. [email protected] This blog is a site like the name implies, it's yummy. As I tweak homework next year, I can use the vast free resources from YM that includes topics that will hold the interest of the students from food, sports, science, weather and many other topics. Real world math.

1.4. Khan Academy

1.4.1. @Khan Academy Homework help on a variety of topics, great explanations and videos included. My students will benefit from this assistance.

1.5. ASCD

1.5.1. @ASCD Many research items debating the pros and cons of homework.I personally agree with the position that homework should not be abandoned but improved.

2. Empowerment (First Class)

2.1. Association for Women In Math

2.1.1. @awm As one of its goals is to promote the inclusion of women and girls in the mathematical sciences, I am certainly eager to follow this community

2.2. Minorities in STEM

2.2.1. @MinoritySTEM This organization provides up to date best practices for the success of minority students in STEM programs.

2.3. Dr. Erika Bullock

2.3.1. @DrErikaBullock She is a Christian and from Spelman, rehumanizing math for students who are Black, Indigenous and/or Latin is a mission of hers. I can learn much from her.

2.4. STEM and STEAM

2.4.1. @STEMGeorgia This organization is dedicated to supporting STEM/STEAM education in Georgia. As a teacher of math, this will be a great resource.

2.5. Women in Mathematics

2.5.1. @womeninmaths This site celebrates females in math sciences from throughout the world. It would be awesome to collaborate with an educator from the opposite side of an ocean.

3. Professional Development (Special Delivery)

3.1. Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson

3.1.1. @neiltyson Dr.Tyson is not only the coolest astrophysicist, he shares Brainy Quotes that are both inspirational and informative. (Including his thoughts on homework)

3.2. Journal of Math and the Arts

3.2.1. @mathsarts The Journal of Mathematics and the Arts is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal that deals with relationship between mathematics and the arts.I love math assignments that are creative as well.

3.3. Math in the Middle

3.3.1. This educational blog is a site that has tons of resources to support math teachers including a huge variety of math games.I am following this site on BLOGLOVIN

3.4. Technology for Math

3.4.1. @EduTweetTech I am following this community because as a novice with technology this will help me incorporate tech into my classroom using my iphone, google sites and more.

3.5. We Are Teachers

3.5.1. @WeAreTeachers "Supporting kids means supporting educators, always" This quote caught my attention. I am following this organization as a resource for personal and professional support.