Write a Blog Post

Short guideline how to write an interesting blog post

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Write a Blog Post von Mind Map: Write a Blog Post

1. 2. Language

1.1. Talk to your readers, make conversation

1.2. Don't stick to perfect school language - talk as you talk face-to-face, use questions to allude, use hints to arise curiosity, ...

1.3. "Imagine having 1.000.000 € in your very own hand. Sounds good, but impossible in reality? Yet reality provides some miracles. Participate in a quiz show. Win the lottery...."

2. 1. Create a title

2.1. Should be catchy

2.2. New node

2.3. Should make your readers get curious

2.4. Short, precise

2.5. "How to become a millionaire"

3. 3. Content

3.1. Specialize, go into details

3.2. Content should fit to your blog

3.3. "Up to now, 500 people won..."

4. 4. Create an end

4.1. Leave it open

4.2. Ask your readers a question

4.3. Short summary, KISS (= Keep it simple and stupid)

4.4. Tell your opinion

4.5. "Real life also provides some miracles. So the dream of becoming a millionaire can go on. Are there more possiblities to get millions? What do you think?"

5. 5. Decorate

5.1. Add picture

5.1.1. Makes content easier to read

5.1.2. Add an eyecatcher e.g. Add a picture of the Spanish lottery winner

5.2. Correction

5.2.1. of grammar / spelling