Speaking: part 3 Celebrities

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Speaking: part 3 Celebrities von Mind Map: Speaking: part 3 Celebrities

1. Why are there so many stories about famous people in the news?

1.1. due to the development of the internet, celebrities became a part of our life

1.1.1. People(=followers) want to absorb information. If they don't have enough news, they lose the interest

1.1.2. Celebrities make as much content(=useful or hype) for holding followers(in general, if it's useful content) or extending influence(in general, if it's hype)

2. What kinds of people are most famous in your country?

2.1. talented people: singing, sport, shooting, writing, etc

2.1.1. they claim to fame due to hard-working

2.2. development of the internet

2.2.1. Social media interesting topic gaming money / beauty

2.3. ordinary people

2.3.1. TV actors

3. Do you agree or disagree that many young people today want to be famous?

3.1. agree

3.1.1. money

3.1.2. exclusive events

3.1.3. influence on the followers opinions

3.1.4. popularity increased by hype and good work of PR agencies

4. Do you think it is easy for famous people to earn a lot of money?

4.1. cooperation with brands

4.2. money from PR of other celebrities

4.3. talented people: celebrities society helps you to introduce your talent to people which might need it

4.4. celebrities usually make their own brand, which gives them passive income from followers

4.5. donations from followers

5. Why might famous people enjoy having fun?

5.1. extending the circle of influence

5.2. finding new investors

5.3. hype as a part of the job

6. In what ways could famous people use their influence to do good things in the world?

6.1. promotion of current social movements, political movements, and ideologies

6.1.1. Example: celebrities of USA used their influence for urged to go to the votes

6.2. promotion of current problems

6.2.1. charity Example: Australian fires

6.2.2. support the victims Example: Harvey Weinstein case

7. but no one think about opposite side of popularity

7.1. hate

7.2. pressure due to necessity of the generation of new content

7.3. Cancel culture

7.4. zero privacy

7.5. unavailable inappropriate behavior

7.6. victims of the own success

8. Vocabulary

8.1. fame

8.2. Glamorous

8.2.1. refers to Bollywood and Hollywood personalities who are beautiful or handsome, can present themselves best and maintain their popularity by involving dedication in their field of acting.

8.3. claim to fame

8.4. versatile

8.4.1. used to describe a personality who is able to adapt and be adapted to many different functions, roles or activities

8.5. big break

8.5.1. used for the celebrity person who got a good opportunity and fortune to showcase his/her talent and achieve a great success in his field of work

8.6. one trick pony

8.6.1. a person who is skilled only in a field or a specific area of work and he/she performs and carry themselves at par

8.7. victim of the own success

8.7.1. to have problems because of own success

8.8. girl group

8.9. to be destined for stardom

8.9.1. to have a high chance of becoming famous

8.10. talent show

8.11. to have a bright future ahead of them

8.11.1. the later life will be possitive

8.12. to be throw into the lights of stardom

8.12.1. to become famous very quickly and gain lots of attention

8.13. to become famous almost overnight

8.13.1. to get fame very quicly

8.14. to be a household name

8.14.1. a famous person who is well-known

8.15. he/she went o to make money

8.15.1. to earn money later

8.16. at the peak

8.17. hardly a day went by without X happening

8.17.1. X took place almost every day

8.18. gossip

8.19. to dry up

8.19.1. to decrease to zero

8.20. has-beens

8.20.1. people who are no longer famous

8.21. gigs

8.21.1. small music performances, typically at a small venue

8.22. bump into

8.22.1. to accidentally meet someone, often by surprise

8.23. overrated

8.24. arrogant

8.24.1. a celebrity who is unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you are more important than, or know more that, other people.

8.25. highest accolade

8.25.1. it's a form of praise or an award given to a celebrity for the brilliant work put in by them over the years

8.26. glowing tribune

8.26.1. praising with enthusiasm received from the critics and audiences for the performence

8.27. iconic

8.28. not just because... but also

8.29. Take an avid interest in

8.29.1. Проявлять живой интерес к

8.30. Unending perseverance

8.30.1. endless effort and determination

8.31. philanthropist

8.31.1. a person who helps the poor, especially by giving them money

8.32. High-end clothes

8.33. Show off one’s status

8.34. Cost a fortune

8.35. Trend-setter

8.36. idolatry

8.37. educational activity