Mining Supply Chain

A mindmap to foster discussion on mining and 4IR from a supply chain perspective.Mining Equipment Manufacturers of South Africa (MEMSA)

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Mining Supply Chain von Mind Map: Mining Supply Chain

1. Webinars

1.1. Context: Drivers of 4IR; 4IR & the Mandela Mining Precinct

1.2. Perspectives on 4IR: Buzzwords, Trends, Standards & Questions

1.3. Excellence in 4IR: Frameworks, Systems, Decision Support

1.4. 4IR & Local Supply Chain: Landscape; Solutions

1.5. 4IR & the SA Mining Industry Study: Supply Chain Implications (More speakers)

2. 4IR Enabled MINE

2.1. Data sensing

2.1.1. Generated data eg water/power consumption

2.1.2. Electronic devices under development, but not yet ready, outside scope of mechanical engineering companies

2.2. Data sending/comms; integration

2.2.1. Transmission of data

2.2.2. Variation in how mines are implementing

2.2.3. Lack of clarity of how it will work

2.2.4. RTIMS work at TRL 5 & 6 due to be shared soon Process for take-up of technologies? What type of enterprises will be able to take up these tech opportunities? Technology Transfer process to be strengthened - bridge the gap in next months Become part of product development & innovation

2.2.5. RTIMS tech is ready to be tested on equipment and in mines. Underground comms problem may come to resolution soon. Proposes: Area where you want to do testing/use case - contact RTIMS to try out specifications. Coordination with mines. RTIMS objectives are set by representatives of mines on Steercom Mines also do all work internally and with OEMs - often confidential RTIMS works with mines on use cases Use Case: Mine has a problem they want OEM or OTM to solve Work together - what can manufacturer, Mine and RTIMS bring together to solve problem. Or: A novel idea to solve a prolbem, JJ set up testing opportunity in mine.

2.2.6. MEMSA members and companies in our network are working in this field, have expertise in place, example YaBatho Imported vs local technologies (can be more affordable); can mine operate the technology?

2.2.7. RTIMS mandated to solve underground comms problem; cost efficient, not locked in

2.2.8. Interface: easier with TMMs; progress with winches; from the winch onwards (other than mechanised mines) - challenges

2.3. Data plaforms

2.4. Data analysis

2.5. AI

2.6. Mechanisation & Automation

2.6.1. Importance - standards to be adopted

2.6.2. OEMs have well defined processes in place, work has been done in the background

2.6.3. SANS / ISO Standards Note IIC, RTIMS is based on their architecture, based on ISO, GMGs work, ISO95... Alignment happening. Hoping SA may lead in holistic framework

2.7. Skills & knowledge transition

2.8. Standards & regulations

2.9. Security

2.10. Engaging Mining & being competitive

2.10.1. New Business Model

2.10.2. Higher level view

2.10.3. What common language or vernacular are we working in

2.10.4. Technology readiness

2.10.5. Standards and common systems

2.10.6. Understand what mines require/want

3. Online marketing

4. Orders, Maintenance Customer Service

4.1. NB: Standardised Product Coding

5. Manufacture

5.1. Supply chain management

5.2. Staff

5.3. Manufacturing process

5.4. Energy & resource management

5.5. Business Management

6. Product Development & Innovation

6.1. Design process and tools

6.2. Design for 4IR enabled mine - new & emerging requirements

6.2.1. mechanised

6.2.2. automated

6.2.3. autonomous

6.3. Combining of products, systems - innovation in combination & collaboration

7. Themes

7.1. Cyber security

7.2. Speed, efficiency, flexibility, remote

7.3. Human impacts

7.4. Keeping up vs Opening up/ creating new solutions

8. Questions:

8.1. Opportunities?

8.1.1. Resourced?

8.1.2. Need resources? In-house? Contract in? Share? Collaborate?

8.2. Challenges?

8.2.1. Resourced/Need resources?

8.3. Areas for collaboration?

9. Role players

9.1. Manufacturers

9.2. Mines

9.3. Research institutions

9.4. State

9.5. Mandela Mining Precinct

10. Monthly Meetings

10.1. Objectives

10.2. Focus areas/topics

10.3. Regular Partcipants

10.4. Guests

10.5. Experts

10.6. Online discussion forum?