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The Giver von Mind Map: The Giver

1. Daily Medication

2. Not allowed to lie

3. Assigned Profession

4. Citizens have to take a daily injection and it makes them see everything in bback and white, forget important feelings like love and death

5. When each citizen becomes of age they are assigned a job that most suites them from being watched by the "elders" for many years

6. Along with not being able to comprehend most feelings, all citizens are conditioned not to lie, ever.

7. The medication makes them blind from thinking or having questions about life before their society

8. The main character; Jonas, was assigned receiver of memory which means he receives all the memories of life how we live it today and is the only one other than the Giver who obtains these memores

9. To prevent lying, each family every night is to share their actions through out the day and their limited vocabulary of feeling to describe the situation (limited because the medication prevents them from comprehending most feelings/ emotions)