The 6 Systems

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The 6 Systems por Mind Map: The 6 Systems

1. Bones are very lively with lots of little cells doing cool stuff.

2. Respiratory System

2.1. The Respiratory system starts at mouth. You inhale oxygen through your wind pipe to your lungs. After that the oxygen goes through holes in your lungs called air sacs.

2.1.1. Then the oxygen goes to your capillaries and they pass it to your blood stream so your blood can be re-oxygenated. That's why the circulatory system. The respiratory system protects your trachea,vocal cords and diaphragm. Finally your diaphragm pushes out and you exhale carbon dioxide.

3. The Digestive system

3.1. The digestive system starts at the mouth. You put your food into your mouth and then the teeth and spit help to break it down, once it's broken down it goes down the oesophagus to the stomach which takes all the bad bits to the liver. That stores it till it's time to go to the loo. All the other food with nutrient in it goes to the small intestine and in there all the nutrient goes to the blood and food with nutrient in are food like veggies, fruit, and stuff like that. Thats why there good for you. after that its time to go loo loo.

3.2. Involuntary muscles help push the food go down the oesophagus.

3.3. Water also go down this called oesophagus but not to the stomach insted it goes down to the kidny to clean all the gross bits out then goes to the bladder when the bladder is full it's time to go loo loo.

4. The Skeletal system

4.1. In the bones there is lots of different cells.

4.2. With no bones we would be like jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly.

4.3. Muscles move the Skeleton.

4.4. Muscles and the Skeleton are connected together.

4.5. Blood touches the bone as it pass through the body.

4.6. The brain touches the spin ( bone ).

4.7. Bones make blood so we live.

5. The immune system

5.1. The immune system fights sickness and diseases .

5.1.1. White blood cells fight bacteria that come into our bodies. White blood cells are made from bone marrow.

6. The nervous system

7. The Circulatory System

7.1. The Circulatory System keeps you alive and pumps blood cells around our body in less than a second. Your heart pumps more than two million times in your life. When you Run and jump and things like that then your heart pumps faster.

7.1.1. The morrow of the bone makes blood cells so the heart can pump it around the heart

8. The nervous system consists of the brain (thalamus, brainstem, cerebrum, cerebellum), spinal cord and nerves.

8.1. The thalamus carries messages from our organs. The cerebrum controls speaking and moving around. The brainstem connects to your spinal cord and controls your breathing, your heartbeat and digestion. The cerebellum controls balance and coordination.

9. The way to keep your nervous system healthy is by taking vitamin B12, eating healthy fats such as avocado and walnuts. The last way to keep your nervous system is by writing everyday.