Type of Plants

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Type of Plants por Mind Map: Type of Plants

1. Nonvascular Plants

1.1. Are low- growing have thin cell walls, and do not have roots for absorbing water from the ground.

1.1.1. Roots structure called rhizoids anchor the moss and absorb water and nutrients. Mosses: absorb water and nutrients; grows a long, capsule contains spores for reproduction. Liverworts: growing as the thick crust

2. Vascular Plants

2.1. Fern, club mosses, and horsetails share two characteristics. They have vascular tissue and they do not produce seeds. Instead of seed, these plants reproduce by releasing spores.

2.1.1. Vascular plants can grow tall because their provides an effective way of transporting materials throughout the plant. The vascular tissue have strong cell walls. Arranged similarly, the strong tubelike structure in vascular plants give the plants strength and stability. There are two type of vascular plants.