Bottom- Up and Top- Down

mind map of buttom up and top down

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Bottom- Up and Top- Down par Mind Map: Bottom- Up and Top- Down

1. Top-down processing: Is the idea that to process and understand a text. This contextual information at the top can come from knowledge about the world or the speaker/writer, from a mental image or expectation set up before or during listening or reading (often called a schema), or from predictions based on the probability of one word following another.

2. Applying Top- Down in the classroom students can get a better learning experience in the English Language, it also makes an interesting experience to the teacher.

3. When students reading an illustrate paragraph they learn in a better way because they can imagine what they are reading. For example in the English Room they can imagine that they are good English speakers.

4. Using Top- Down also improve the learning capacity of students they develop a fast reader and learning comprehension. So it means that it makes an easier process in the students or children when they learning o trying to do a something new.

5. Top- Down

6. In Top- Down the students use reading or listening strategies to start understanding the speaking context and also the reading context.

7. Bottom- Up

8. Bottom- Up :on the other hand, happens when we understand language sound by sound or word by word, with less use of background knowledge.

9. Bottom- Up is the process by which a person can understand by seeing an image, by seeing a signal, a poster or a mood in a other person a face expression.

10. Bottom- Up in the English Classroom can be used through the connection that exist between mind and experiences that we already have done.

11. Applying the Bottom- Up in the class room makes an easier develop and teaching experience for the teacher because the student understand the context in a faster way and they start creating or thinking by themselves.

12. So when someone has a reader experience can starts doing a something only paying attention in which others do. someone can learn start playing the guitar by seeing someone else.