Validity and Reliability

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Validity and Reliability par Mind Map: Validity and Reliability

1. There may be evidence of a test reliability and validity when it is used to assess achievement for one group of students.

2. It is important to consider a test’s validity and reliability evidence within the context of a test’s intended use and the intended population.

3. Predictive Criterion-Related Validity Evidence

3.1. Predictive Criterion-Related Validity Evidence can correlate scores from the new test with a measure of some future performance.

4. Content Validity Evidence

4.1. Content Validity Evidence can test that items match and measure objectives.

5. Concurrent Criterion-Related Validity Evidence

5.1. Concurrent Criterion-Related Validity Evidence can correlate new test with an accepted criterion.

5.2. Concurrent validity coefficients are generally higher than predictive validity coefficients.

6. Validity is usefulness. A test’s validity can be high for a certain purpose.