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Guntipally Venkat par Mind Map: Guntipally Venkat

1. Venkat Guntipally - Be Adaptive to Unlock Greater Opportunities Venkat Guntipally is of the belief that being adaptive opens new doors for greater opportunities. It is specifically helpful when we intend to achieve the organizational objectives. Watch the video to learn more. Venkat Guntipally Being Adaptive to Achieve Self and Business Goals

2. Effective Off-Shore Team Management - An Agile Strategy of Business by Venkat Guntipally Companies worldwide face unprecedented challenges according to Venkat Guntipally an IT expert. The response to the rising cost and 24/7 service was the offshore work execution. Venkat shares his tips on how to manage offshore teams. Venkat Guntipally's Guide to Offshore Team Management

3. Scrum Master's Success Lies in the Success of the Team - Venkat Guntipally Venkat Guntipally describes that if one wants to measure the success of a Scrum Master, the most important measure is how successful the whole team has been. Additionally, how happy the team feels about the achievements as a whole. Read more here. 5 Useful Tips for Becoming a Successful Scrum Master by Venkat Guntipally

4. Unlearning Creates Space for New Learning by Venkat Guntipally Venkat Guntipally mentions that unlearning is the process of giving up old methods, tools, and processes. This creates the way for new learning. Read more here. Venkat Guntipally's 4 Peculiar Tips for Becoming an IT Expert