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Energy (upper block) par Mind Map: Energy (upper block)

1. Is provided by sources such as

1.1. The Sun

1.2. Wind

1.3. Running Water

1.4. Fuels

1.5. Food we eat

2. Can be in different forms such as

2.1. Light Energy

2.1.1. Enables plants to make food using water and carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis Animals get energy by eating plants and other animals that eat plants

2.1.2. Properties Can be reflected Can pass through some materials Can partially pass through some materials Can form shadows when light source is completely or partially blocked by an object Cannot pass through some materials

2.1.3. Enables us to see objects when the object is a source of light When the object reflects light

2.2. Heat Energy

2.2.1. Keeps us warm

2.2.2. properties Makes things hot Temperature Flows from hot objects to warm objects Until both objects reach the same temperature Makes things expand when gained Makes things contract when lost Can cause things to change state e.g.: Water in the water cycle Passes through some materials easily Good conductors of heat e.g.: Metals Does not pass through some materials easily Insulators or good conductor of heat. e.g.: Wood , plastic , air

2.3. Sound Energy

2.3.1. Can be heard e.g.: Music , Speech , noise

2.4. Electrical Energy

2.4.1. Secondry source of energy

2.5. Potential Energy

2.5.1. Stored Energy Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE) is energy is stored in objects at a height from the ground Elastic Potential Energy (EPE) is energy stored in a stretched or compressed rubber bands and springs Chemical Potential energy (CPE) is energy stored in food , batteries and fuel

2.6. Kinetic Energy

2.6.1. Energy of moving things . e.g.: Running water , A child running