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GiggPigg par Mind Map: GiggPigg

1. Definitions

1.1. Product

1.1.1. Network of Camera at Venues - Fixed & Mobile

1.1.2. Audience can view live feeds on smartphones

1.1.3. Online access to video & audio after the event

1.2. Market

1.2.1. Music Events & Theatre (Sports?)

1.2.2. Online - Multicam playback of events

2. Revenue Streams

2.1. Advertising

2.1.1. Brand Sponsors

2.1.2. Marketing at events for drinks companies

2.2. Direct Merchandising

2.2.1. Direct Sales via the app at events TShirts etc. Music/CD's

2.3. Bootlegging

2.3.1. Sell a CD of the gig with video and HD audio at the event

2.3.2. Sell HD audio of gig online

2.4. Facebook Hits

2.4.1. Service to bands on facebook

2.4.2. Hits, Views & Shares can all be tracked

2.4.3. Metrics here are hugely valuable

2.4.4. 500K users a month is big business

3. Timeline

3.1. Complete Prototype

3.1.1. Complete several trials/PoC Develop concept & website Apply for HWCH Get backing from EI Improve technoloy Begin researching larger markets

3.2. Compile business plan

3.3. Stakeholders Agree

3.3.1. Revenue Streams

3.3.2. Target Market

3.3.3. 12 month plan