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Infertility par Mind Map: Infertility

1. Global demand for new reproductive technologies

1.1. Infertility is a worldwide issue

1.1.1. most infectious infertility include STD's, postpartum complications, post-abortive complications and unhygienic health care

2. Amira

2.1. Married at 18, and had an unsuccessful three year marriage

2.1.1. Had four abbortions Remarried and her and her husband became infertle Felt punished for her sins and undertook hajj

3. Fertility-infertility Dialect and Pronatalism

3.1. In Western societies having a child is by choice

3.1.1. In non western societies having a child consist of three reasons; Social security desires, social power desires, social perpetuity desires

4. Gendered suffering and social stigma

4.1. Infertile individuals in pronatalist societies will do anything to have a child

4.1.1. Burden rests on women shoulders and infertility is one of the most stigmatizing health/social conditions for them emotional responses include; anxiety, abuse, marital duress, divorce, abandonment

5. Health care seeking

5.1. Restrictions for adopting and infertility forces health care seeking

5.1.1. seeking traditional healers: herbalist,, spiritual healers, diviners,religious sects IVF clinics

6. Time Place and People

6.1. Book is on two distinct time periods and research settings: Early IVF period and IVF boom period

6.1.1. interviews on infertile women's lives and perception of test-tube baby making Book examines the complex gender dynamics of infertile Egyptian men or women when trying IVF or ICSI