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Log in, register & comment par Mind Map: Log in, register & comment

1. Visibility of System Status

1.1. Lets the user know that confirmation e-mail has been sent

1.2. Welcome message after logging in

2. Match between system and the real world

2.1. Abbreviation "2FA" Verification code explained

3. User Control and Freedom

3.1. Users are given the option to choose to subscribe to newsletter during registration

3.2. No option to delete blog comment if posted wrongly

3.3. Website logo is always at top left hand corner for user to navigate back to home page

4. Consistency and Standards

4.1. All the fonts are similar and easy on the eyes

4.2. All URLs are of the same color

5. Error Prevention

5.1. No confirmation message after clicking on Leave Comment

5.2. No confirmation message after pressing Reset Field

5.3. Dropdown menu for timezone selection instead of manual text key in prevents error

6. Recognition rather than recall

6.1. There is a dropdown menu of dates for Date of Birth instead of having to manually key in

6.2. Pictures are related to the links which makes it recognizable to users.

6.3. No Password Hint in log-in screen makes it harder to recall password for users who do not access website regularly

7. Flexibility and efficiency of use

7.1. No option of searching for blogs

7.2. Some Captcha images are not clear and it is frustrating.

7.3. 2FA Verification code is a hassle and unnecessary

7.4. Option to go to top of page instantly if user scrolls below

8. Aesthetic and minimalist design

8.1. Login and Signup button will always be on scrollbar which is fixed at the top.

8.2. White spaces in website makes it look clean and slick. Easy on the eyes

9. Help users recognize, diagnose and recover from errors.

9.1. Invalid or unavailable username will prompt an error message

9.2. No message prompted when both passwords entered do not match

9.3. Only shows account is banned without any further instructions

10. Help and Documentation

10.1. Provides email for help when user encounters difficulties in registration

10.2. Full help button for Captcha in registration page