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Awesome Name for a Game par Mind Map: Awesome Name for a Game

1. Environment

1.1. Futuristic City

1.1.1. Arena A place for people to "duel' and win money, can also place bets on people, Great place to have gambling also Vehicle arena allows racing, similar to combat, but Vroom Vroom

1.1.2. Central Area

1.1.3. Virtual Strip Club Lots of Virtual Hookers and such Donating members have full access to all rooms, standard members do not.

1.1.4. Strip Club Lots of Real Hookers, more expensive then virtual, and you can get diseases from them. Donating members have full access to all rooms, standard members do not.

1.1.5. Industrial Area/Docks A place full of thugs and crooks, an easy place to buy weapons and drugs, but an easy place to get killed too. Black market vendors, drug dealers and perhaps even contract killing.

1.1.6. Undercity Basically, The Slums. Full of smoke, trash and disease. Also used as an offloading centre for criminals. Perimeter is guarded 24/7, interior left mostly unmonitored.

1.2. Features include

1.2.1. Deus Ex Invisible War textures and architecture

1.2.2. Far Eastern style cityscape, crowded streets, full of neon signs etc.

1.2.3. Areas linked to the film Serenity, also featuring tall cramped city streets, with a vertical component too.

1.2.4. Architecture will be very Art Deco, with inspiration from Bladerunner

1.3. Surroundings

1.3.1. The streets will be populated, with NPCs milling around and going about their business, the map will immerse the player,sucking them into the gritty life of the streets.

1.3.2. Soundscapes will be important, passing ships, planes, trains, and cars/police will add to the immersion, as well as wildlife such as pigeons or the like.

1.3.3. Much of the map will be patrolled, guarded and covered by security cameras, anyone seen brandishing weapons will be arrested and fined etc.

1.3.4. NPC Security will be difficult to kill, to make criminal activity harder and more realistic, players need to be smart.

2. Gameplay

2.1. Smex

2.1.1. Lots of it

2.2. Drugs + Alcohol

2.2.1. Drugs - Drugs will be futuristic to a certain extent, apart from smoking up...

2.2.2. Alcohol, includes liquors and beer etc. futuristic versions of jack daniels and the like.

2.3. Violence

2.3.1. Weapons Energy Weapons I'll have ideas in a few days...Lol Melee Weapons Projectile Weapons

2.3.2. Vehicles - Probably won't happen

2.3.3. Shields/Generators Energy Shield Generates an energy shield around the user, can take hits from Energy Based weapons, Bullets pass Hand held deflector Held in hand, makes a circle enegry shield that blocks all projectiles

2.3.4. Combat Generic FPS style shooting, perhaps a sort of hand-to-hand... A possibility. New range of weapons

2.4. Player Sytem

2.4.1. A player will focus the character to be able to develop their roleplay. If a player chooses to be, for example, a mercenary, then they must play the part, taking missions for contract killings and the like, whereas a drug dealer would have to buy and sell drugs to NPCs and players.

2.4.2. As players work on their ·"career" so to speak, they will be able to improve certain abilities or stats, this will make them want to work towards their character's profession and push the roleplay. (suggestion)

2.4.3. The Game should open up to a point at which players will be running the economy to a certain extent, and there will be a cycle of money and interaction between various players and groups.

2.5. Inventory

2.5.1. a drag and drop menu with the player model on the left in a cool pose/animation, and one the right have icons showing the iteams, weapons and stuff and they drag and drop onto the player model and it throws the icon into its slot which are surrounding the model's view box

2.6. Gambling

2.6.1. Poker Texas Hold 'em style, where Donating members can raise the stakes higher than standard members

2.6.2. Go Fish (lolol)

2.6.3. Blackjack

2.7. Player Objectives

2.7.1. The player needs to have something to work towards, perhaps there could be a respect ranking type thing, where players can gain respect by fighting in the arena, or killing other players in challenges. but have to be careful about where they do their "business" as the streets are patrolled and guarded.

2.8. Legitimate Earning

2.8.1. Courier and Escort missions can earn players money.

2.9. Economy

2.9.1. Partly player-run and partly NPC infused. Players can make some of the more basic items, but other supplies can be bought, exchanged, robbed from NPC's.

3. Backstory

3.1. Well basically, robots are developed that can tackle the work of hundreds of men with 5 times the efficiency. That makes a workforce of humans unnecessary. The lower-classes are then left under-qualified for most jobs and thus end up neglected by the richer or better-educated citizens. Ww - Deadchicken: ok, and are we gonna go the "evil corperation" direction? or... dunno....who's in charge? Ww - Deadchicken: perhaps players can become elected, O.o Ww - Deadchicken: ok stop it, haha, keep it realistic.. Selbs: and because disease is a terrible issue due to all the new races of creatures and people who exist in the city the poorer folk who can't afford to keep totally clean and such are confined to the undercity. Ww - Deadchicken: cool, and we can have the spaceport in the undercity too... to explain all the creatures? Selbs: The person in charge is probably some sort of Government body in a larger city and are totally ignorant of the problems of this one because they are too busy keeping inter-race relations and space-colonies happy. Selbs: I think there should be two space-ports. One acting as the main hub above the ground and then a sort of prison-port underneath. Ww - Deadchicken: yeah cool... perhaps we could make the upper citry ridiculously under surveillance... and we can try and emulate the outbreaks of violence in the lower city too.... Ww - Deadchicken: i mean, under lots of surveillance Ww - Deadchicken: lots of cameras and security bots etc.. Selbs: Yeah. Or at least give the impression that these security measures are ready to be deployed at any moment Ww - Deadchicken: yeah Ww - Deadchicken: I quite like the idea of the upper city being pedestrianised? with sort of lifts and bridges connecting the areas... the lower city is dangerous with cars and hoverstuff flying overhead, and on ground level Selbs: If we could do some clever stuff with "Bounties" or "Criminal Status" we could let NPC security bots and police automatically attempt to take the criminal player down Selbs: Like, 3 levels or something. Level 1 and foot-units will attempt to stun the player. Level 2 and they'll attempt to KILL the player. Level 3 and the security bots will be deployed from stations built into the walls and ceilings to take them down. Selbs: and by Stun I literally mean, make the player ragdoll over and then teleport them to the closest prison. Which could be marked with a blank entity like "target_prison" or something.

4. A Few New Concepts

4.1. All the players start off as travellers from another part of the world (or thinking Sci-Fi, galaxy). They'll be introduced to the city without any prior knowledge of it and how functions. They get a little bit of money to start them off and depending on how they decide to go about playing they'll end up either wildly rich or drunk by the side of the road.

4.2. New node

4.3. the poorer parts of town are used as a sort of offloading centre for criminals. So if they get into trouble in the posher side of town they'll wind up thrown into the slums