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SME -Management par Mind Map: SME -Management

1. Efficient marketing strategies

1.1. Always go for the cheaper option

1.2. Ensure that your marketing strategy is right for your brand

1.3. Tips to make sure you get the most out of a limited marketing budget:

1.3.1. Planning Research your competitors and your market Try to think about the market as physical people

1.3.2. Set objectives A one-off job Set objectives for every bit of marketing you do Give very specific timings and measurements of success Don't be shy about rapidly assessing and amending things in order to keep on track for your objectives.

1.3.3. Before spending, determine what you need Map out the materials that you need and how they will tie together to form a cohesive structure to your marketing Always be clear about purpose.

1.3.4. Get to know some local suppliers Local businesses might be able to service you much better. They'll always know other people who can help you Don't be afraid of asking penetrating questions about their services.

1.3.5. Become an expert

1.4. Marketing = one of the more fun aspects of running a business

1.5. Don't try to do everything at once


2. 63 advertising/marketing ideas for SMEs operating on a shoestring budget

2.1. "Don’t believe the hype. Starting a business is bloody hard work."

2.2. The biggest challenges

2.2.1. Deciding which marketing or advertising mechanisms they should utilise.

2.2.2. Which tools are going to generate the highest return

2.3. Top 10 most commen: 1. E-Mail Marketing 2. Content Marketing 3. Leaflet Distribution 4. Telesales/Telemarketing 5. Google Adwords 6. Twitter advertising 7. Networking 8. Online forums 9. Guerilla marketing 10. Conferencing

2.3.1. Content marketing The “process” of creating valuable content that seeks to help and inform your visitors. Purposes

2.3.2. Guerrilla marketing Unexpected and unconventional Create a unique, engaging, and thought-provoking concept to generate buzz Takes consumers by surprise Makes an indelible impression Pops up where and when people least expect it Examples:

2.3.3. Google adwords SMEs have two big options Working towards greater visibility in the organic listings Displaying results in the paid listings Takes time to make it work Your success will dependent on how you manage the many variables that make up a campaign.