Hangouts Lounge

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Hangouts Lounge par Mind Map: Hangouts Lounge

1. Début

1.1. About this module

1.1.1. Index or TOC

1.2. Can the Dummies do it?

1.3. What's necessary and what's not? (Ad the production)

1.3.1. Equipments, system requirements

1.3.2. Lighting

1.3.3. Etiquette of hangouts - Mute the mic Talking into the camera Camera height adjustments Dressing Speed of speech

1.3.4. Essential icons

1.4. To be, or not to be! (Marketing part, How do you use Hangouts for business)

1.4.1. Collaboration tools Apps Screen sharing Chat feature Google drive Draw Uber Conferrence Tricks and tips

1.4.2. Virtual events Webinar presentations Use with other marketing tools Webcast/ Create own webshow/ talk shows Integration with Youtube Reusing videos Tricks and tips Product Launch / Book launch / Pitch session

1.4.3. Videos Utilize to record videos Integration with Youtube Reusing videos Tricks and tips

1.5. Count me in! Where do I start?

1.5.1. Process Checklist A google Account Cloud Collaboration tool Animoto Aweber , Get response, Mailchimp, Constant Contact Camtasia Prezi Marketing strategies New Media Marketing Content Marketing Web Strategy