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Skill of Test Lead par Mind Map: Skill of Test Lead

1. About me

1.1. 10 years in testing

1.2. Junior to Senior, Test Lead

1.3. AI

1.4. Exp sharing, not investigation

2. Who is test lead?

2.1. Engineer + coordination

2.2. Not herder, but leader

2.3. Interface team <-> management

3. To meet expectations and enjoy work concentrate on

3.1. Team - does main part of job

3.1.1. Build balanced team devoted to product, not person

3.1.2. Know them, their features and mood

3.1.3. Work hard to show good example

3.1.4. Build process to avoid ambiguity

3.1.5. Teach, not replace to reduce your load

3.1.6. Support to earn trust

3.1.7. Be fair to get respect

3.2. Management - they give you a job and promote

3.2.1. Provide up-to-date information in clear form

3.2.2. Inform about risks and actions ASAP

3.2.3. Speak in business and statistical language

3.3. Product - to understand what are you doing

3.3.1. Know domain area to have background

3.3.2. Know mains features to understand prios and impact

3.3.3. Know complicated areas to support

3.4. Project - there can be PM for that staff

3.4.1. Know deadlines to mitigate risks and assign tasks correct

3.4.2. Check progress with plan

4. Management features

4.1. They are in next abstraction layer

4.2. They wants

4.2.1. From testing in time considering budget and according to methodology to agreed set of test artifacts

4.2.2. But with Predictability Progress transparency Risks mitigation Responsiveness