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Knoledge par Mind Map: Knoledge

1. Definition

1.1. Knoledge is an explanation of why something is that way and the relationship between the someone (brain) and something (object)

2. Types of Knoledge

2.1. Intuitive Knoledge

2.1.1. Is the kind of knoledge we use in daily life without reasoning oe deduct it; human instinct

2.1.2. Ex.. Touching something hot

2.2. Empirical Knoledge

2.2.1. Kind of knoledge aquire trhough experience, investigation, perception and/or deduction

2.2.2. Ex. Riding a bycicle

2.3. Religious Knoledge

2.3.1. Kind of knoledge that have lack of proofs but we certeinly believe is true because of our faith

2.3.2. Ex. Catholic church

2.4. Scientific Knoledge

2.4.1. Kind of knoledge  that uses the scientific method to understand something

2.4.2. Ex. An experiment in chemistry

2.5. Philosphical Knoledge

2.5.1. Kind of knoledge that searches for the last cause and/or the first principles of something

2.5.2. Ex. A kid asking questions