Oser la richesse / Daring to create value

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Oser la richesse / Daring to create value par Mind Map: Oser la richesse / Daring to create value

1. 1. what is value for a company ?

1.1. The money they spend on producing their craft.

1.2. Value Chain

1.2.1. It was described by Michael Porter

1.2.2. This model explains the process of creating value inside a companny

1.2.3. Primary Activities: Include all processes from the making to the sale of the product. Support Activities: Different activities that aren't directly related to the manufacturation of the product.

2. 2. how to create it and develop it ?

2.1. Improving the products.


3. 3. how do we mesure it ?

3.1. Checking the benefits we add.

3.2. By the repercussion our products have in the society.

4. Ecological economies

4.1. Three pilars of sustainability

4.2. This science studies the way economy works nowadays and it suggests new ways of being sustainable and of respecting the environment.