11 Ways To Optimize Your Environment For Productivity, Health & Success

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11 Ways To Optimize Your Environment For Productivity, Health & Success da Mind Map: 11 Ways To Optimize Your Environment For Productivity, Health & Success

1. #1: Put Your Phone In A Different Room

1.1. If your phone is easily accessible, you will likely get tempted to ‘quickly’ check social media or email.

1.2. By making accessibility much harder, however, you have to spend more time and effort to get it. This makes you much less likely to get distracted and more likely to be productive.

2. #2: Hide Your TV And Video Game Console

2.1. By doing that, you no longer impulsively or habitually spend hours playing video games.

2.2. Instead you'll focus on more productive activities like reading books and self-development articles

2.3. You'll enjoy your time playing video games a lot more (and feel less guilty about it) because you're intentional about it.

3. #3: Make Books Easy To Reach

3.1. When your books are more visually present in your environment, you’ll be much more likely to read a few pages compared to when it’s collecting dust on the bookshelf.

4. #4: Remove Bad Foods Out Of Your House (Or Hide It)

4.1. When bad foods are abundantly available (and even worse, when it’s easier accessible than healthy foods), you’ll need to tap into your willpower many times per day to resist the temptation.

4.2. Willpower is a finite resource that depletes during the day. Eventually, you will fall prey to those cookies.

4.3. Remove bad foods from your environment, so you remove the temptation entirely. Instead, fill your house with healthier foods and snacks.

5. #5: Pre-Stage Your Workout Clothes

5.1. If you want to go for a morning run, get your workout clothes ready the night before. Doing so makes working out just a little bit easier. Besides, it serves as a visual reminder to exercise.

6. #6: Put Your Alarm Away From Your Bed

6.1. One of the reasons why so many people snooze is not because they are inherently lazy — it’s because their environment doesn’t encourage getting out of bed immediately without snoozing.

6.2. Put your alarm far away from your bed, perhaps even in a different room. This way, when the alarm goes off in the morning, you have to get out of bed and get moving to shut it off.

7. #7: Surround Yourself With Affirmations

7.1. Essentially, affirmations are inspiring or useful messages that you want to remind yourself of. They can be anything from motivational quotes to life-lessons.

7.2. Having these affirmations in your environment promotes healthy and productive decision-making as it primes your mind to act or think in a certain way.

8. #8: Surround Yourself With Goal-Reminders

8.1. Write your long-term goals down on a piece of paper and review every single morning as part of your morning routine.

9. #9: Download Blockers

9.1. Using app- and website blockers, which is part of optimizing your digital environment, is probably one of the easiest ways to prevent yourself from mindlessly scrolling through social media or news websites.

9.2. Examples of blockers are Forest, Screentime, and StayFocusd.

10. #10: Delete Apps And Unfollow Distracting Accounts

10.1. If you find yourself spending too much time on social media or other apps because it’s so entertaining or shocking, simply take away the temptation.

11. #11: Surround Yourself With The Right People

11.1. Study after study has shown that we copy most of our behavior from our peer group.

11.2. It’s essential to surround yourself with supportive and inspiring people — and spend less time with unmotivated and destructive people.