Founding A Startup Will Change You As A Person

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Founding A Startup Will Change You As A Person により Mind Map: Founding A Startup Will Change You As A Person

1. Why Will It Change You?

1.1. The journey will throw you into the unknown.

1.2. A startup throws you in the shit.

1.3. It leaves you vulnerable, alone and lost.

1.4. And when you are faced with those moments, that is when you will change.

1.4.1. When you push through challenging times. When you break down the barriers.

1.4.2. When you beat the self doubt.

1.4.3. When you make something, from nothing.

1.4.4. When you grasp onto some kind of success at the end of it all.

1.5. These are the moments will change you for the better, forever.

2. How will it change you?

2.1. The problems you solve will make you smarter

2.1.1. You will become more prepared. More efficient. More capable. More confident. More trusting in your judgement.

2.2. The projects you work on will improve your skillset

2.2.1. Your ability to work with teams. To work with strangers.

2.2.2. Your ability to organise, manage, time keep and meet deadlines, will all develop and improve.

2.3. Your successes in the startup will improve your confidence

2.3.1. This will translate into your day to day life as well.

2.3.2. They will remove your fears and barriers. Break down the self doubt.

2.3.3. They will make you feel ready to take on anything.

2.3.4. They will make you happier and shoot your job satisfaction through the roof.

2.4. Your failures will build a protective coat around you

2.4.1. Every mistake will teach you something new. Everything you get wrong will enable you to get more right in the future.

2.4.2. The mistakes you make will keep you humble. Grounded. Approachable. Understanding.

2.4.3. You will learn so much, meet so many people, and achieve great things

2.4.4. You will undertake challenges and projects far out of your comfort zone

2.4.5. You will learn invaluable skills and lessons, and become adaptable and ready for anything the future holds.