Cloud computing and new ways of working

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Cloud computing and new ways of working により Mind Map: Cloud computing and new ways of working

1. Mail & instant messaging

1.1. gmail

1.2. key feature

1.2.1. You can send mails to everyone you want and to every part of the world

1.3. provider: Microsoft

1.4. company advantage

1.4.1. Free use of the program. You just need to make an account on it and after that you can send mails to everyone of the company.

2. Collaboration & documents

2.1. Dropbox

2.2. key feature

2.2.1. You can drop all kinds of ducuments and share them with everyone you want.

2.3. provider: Dropbox

2.4. company advantage

2.4.1. Free use of the program. You drop a document on it and share it with your collegues at work (example).

3. Backup

3.1. R-drive image

3.2. key feature

3.2.1. Make a backup of all the documents on your personal computer.

3.3. provider: R-tools Technology Inc.

3.4. company advantage

3.4.1. You can make a backup of all the documents that the employees had made that day. That way you are sure that you won't lose any documents when their is a crash.

4. Sales & customer support and tracking

4.1. key feature

4.1.1. Novo Solutions is a leading provider of scalable, easy to use, web based help desk software, customer support software and knowledge management solutions.

4.2. customer support software

4.3. provider: Novo solutions

4.4. company advantage

4.4.1. It can help the employees track down and support customers

5. telecommunication cost

5.1. key feature

5.1.1. Free program. You can stay in contact with everyone all over the world without paying for it. You can even see each other with a webcam

5.2. skype

5.3. provider: Microsoft

5.4. company advantage

5.4.1. You can call for free to collegues all over the world. You can also do a meeting with possible clients if they are located at the other side of the world.

6. sales mobility

6.1. key feature

6.1.1. You will have a good sales mobility

6.2. SAP architect

6.3. company advantage

6.3.1. Everyone can look at the sales data by using this program

6.4. provider: Serac

7. training

7.1. adobe eLearning solutions

7.2. key feature

7.2.1. With the help of this program you can learn about the newest technology

7.3. company advantage

7.3.1. The employees of the company can learn on a easy and free way about the newest technology.

7.4. provider: Adobe